11 Jan

Finding BBQ Contest Just Got Easy

One of the unfun parts of competition BBQ is the planning of your contest calendar.  How many do you want to enter? How far to travel? Are you doing back to back weekends? Where do I find the contest? The questions are endless. So in planning for some up coming contest, I came across a website that saved a ton of time and is very easy to use.  It is free,  no email required, no commericals to watch before you can use it (man I hate those).

A Master KCBS  judge by the name of Steven Trimble has a site that host a KCBS Event Finder.     Http://www.cdmiweb.com/kcbs/eventfinder.htm   You go to the site, enter the miles away from your zip code of the events to search,  your zip code  and the event begin date.  It will then display a list of KCBS BBQ Competitions in your area.  You can then click and list by date, miles away, name, state, city, zip.  You can event click the little car and it will show a map and route to get there.  Click on the event name and it takes you to the KCBS website listing of the event where for most you can click and get more information.


So, a big thanks to Mr. Trimble for creating this site.  This is a great tool for competitors, fans, vendors or anyone looking for a fun time.  Everyone enjoy and I hope to see you at a contest soon.