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2014 Saucekers BBQ Sauce Contest


By Brain Henderson , January 23, 2012

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The Fat Redneck “That Yellow Sauce” (5/5)

I love it when I’m surprised by sauce.  It reminds of days going into Boston when I was growing up – a group of friends would pack into the car and spend hours rummaging for deals on CD’s. The joy of finding a gem in the clearance rack or taking a risk on an unknown artist ended up the biggest being part of the fun. We’d each bring back a CD or two and then compare our guesses at who would be the one to find the best “underground band” or the next band who was going to make it big… Looking back I can’t count how much money I spent on music…This is truly an “underground sauce” and I hope more folks get to try it based on this review.  Anyway, back to the review.


The smell of the sauce was a pleasant sweet & sour mustard smell. Nothing excessively unique or different or strange about the smell – just pleasant.


The color and consistency of the sauce were right on the money for what I expected. It’s like a Golden Yellow/Brown with a lot of specks from the spices contained within.

Taste Before Cooking

Nice stuff. Like a sweet brown mustard with a nice spicy finish – just enough heat to mix it up and remind you it’s there. I taste some vinegar, some mustard, some sweet (maybe brown sugar), something salty (maybe Worcestershire or just salt), and then some spices (maybe pepper and paprika). These are just guesses but it doesn’t matter much – it’s so good. The best thing I did with the sauce is to use it for coating some pulled pork. It seemed to be a match made in BBQ heaven.

Taste After Cooking

Fantastic – tried coating some chicken with this and it didn’t really caramelize like a good sugary tomato-based sauce might do, but it allowed me to put much more on during the cook. I didn’t notice any major change in flavor pre- or post-grill.

Bottom Line

When I get a 5 star sauce, the main reason I know it’s a 5 star is that it becomes my go-to sauce in the house until the bottle is empty. That Yellow Sauce is great stuff, the best mustard sauce I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot! I’ve only had this sauce around for about 2 weeks and it’s almost gone. Try it on just about anything but especially pulled pork – I thought it went great with that. I also tried it with pulled chicken and burnt ends…. Mmm burnt ends.